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Ability to open up another screen control with an already opened screen control

Hello All,

I have developed numerous QR Codes for each screen controls within an app for the deep linking purpose. Hence, the functions that I use are Param and Navigate in the "OnStart" property of the app.

However, I am having issues with navigating from an already opened screen control to another screen control through using the built-in QR Code Scanner in the camera of mobile devices. This issue can be solved by closing the existing PowerApps window before scanning a new QR Code that will bring me to a different control screen. However, in the case of scanning 50 unique QR Codes, it would be inconvenient for the users to exit the PowerApps window 49 times.

Based on a kind reply, it is unfortunate to hear that the current design of the PowerApps does not support this capability.


In my own opinion and if possible, I believe that considering this idea would improve work productivity in the workplace and bring happiness to the workers.


Status: New