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Ability to search code

For debugging it is essential to be able to search code, for example for context variables or collections.

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Yes, for finding everywhere a certain field is patched, etc. It would also be great to be able to do a find-replace.

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It is to me a mystery to me that **bleep** doesn't extist or has more votes.


Thumbs up from me!



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even if we can export all controls and properties to say XML to identify the areas where an expression or comment was made would help alot. It is fustrating to find all instances where an known issue was found and corrected. Just knowing what properites had similar use would make this easier to develop,.

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I was thinking just now about how sorely this feature is lacking currently. Coming from a regular software developer backgroup and working with multiple IDE's, I think this is what I miss most of all; the ability to easily and quickly search throughout all of the code hidden under all the various properties and functions of all controls on all screens (though this makes it sound like a daunting task when you phrase it like this) would be the biggest improvement in ease of use.

The only way this is currently possible (for canvas apps, dunno about others) is to export the app as a package, unzip it, unzip other potentially compressed files inside of it and use your favorite text editor to look through all the different json files to find what you're looking for.

If powerapps kept an underwater library of all custom code in your app that was searchable and could redirect to the controls and properties with matching code... From a technical standpoint I don't really see how this would be incredibly difficult to implement and it would improve our lives and love for the product greatly.

(I dare not yet dream of a replace feature as well but... oh boy ^^)

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I need to find where I am launching a power automate flow in my app.  It would be great to be able to search for the code.

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