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Ability to see and manage approvals from a gallery or table

I’d like the ability to display and manipulate approvals directly from within my seems the best fit to me.  This is especially useful for complex workflow processes...otherwise a user is doing there work in power apps and the has to go to a completely different screen to manage approvals or task status. 

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I have been looking for this exact same post. I too have to build custom workarounds for approvals in powerapps. Most often using a SharePoint list as a proxy and representation.


Many of our customers require complex approvals and I would love to represent and improve upon the "approvals" screen from the Flow Admin Center. I have yet to find a way to access those approval items. I mean it is all there. So why not make it accessible? A mere explanation would be much appreciated too.


A more detailed description of what I am thinking of:

  1. Make PowerApps capable of retrieving the current user's (pending) approvals from the Flow Admin Center
  2. Optional: allow us to add metadata to those approval items upon creation
  3. We could then enlist all approvals of the current user in a gallery control. Complete with customizable "Approve", "Reject" and "Comment" capabilties
  4. Filtering that gallery would be a breeze based on the approval's metadata (context) and status
  5. Extra benefit: Approvals are not bound to a Flow and its maximum runtime duration anymore