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Ability to select components at the navigation item level in Model-Driven Apps


Currently we can add a table more than once in the navigation bar/pane (aka sitemap), but we can only select the desired components (ie forms and views) at the overall app level. As such, it makes it less useful to add the same table more than once to the navigation. 



Problem Statement

In many solutions/systems/implementations, the same table is used for different scenarios. Examples:

 1) Contact table used for Patients and Practitioners

 2) Account table used for Customer Organizations and Partners

Using the above Contact example, users would have to manually pick the Patients view to see Patients and manually switch to the Patient form to view Patient information (yes, we can have some client scripts to redirect but requires coding). But manually switch provides a not so good user experience (UX).


Feature Request

It would give us greater flexibility if we were able to select the desired components (views and forms) for each navigation item. This way the same table can be used for more scenarios and used would be directed to the right components directly without manually switching and making it clearer and providing a better UX. Here's an example to better explain:

I use the Contact table for Clients and Practitioners, and each has their own views (eg Active Clients and Active Practitioners) and their own forms (Clients and Practitioners). The views and forms are quite different for each contact type.  I want to add Clients and Practitioners as separate navigation items and when I click on Clients I want to only display the Client related views and the same idea for Practitioners.


Status: New