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Ability to select multiple card items and apply formatting as one

I have a form with 80 fields. Rather than having to open each card, select the label, then set its FontWeight to a reference value...


It would be AWESOME to select the label of all 80 fields AT ONCE using CTRL + click, then apply the FontWeight as a whole. 


It is a significant drain on time to have to open each card individually. 


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Why is this idea have very little voted submitted ? This is one of the most tiresome things to do in powerapps just to change the same properties from multiple datacards.

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I want to select multiple cards so I can move them together. Why can't I group cards?

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Great video on formatting, check out the response in Comments from Iain Ray on this video Power to the People provided a great second method for formatting, by setting a record and changing all of the fields to copy formatting (e.g. Color=DataCardKey14.Color, Fill=DataCardKey14.Fill). This allows you to format groups of fields the same.  You can have headers defined as one style and other fields set to a different font size, color, etc.  This also allows you to change info quickly by reformatting your base field.


Iain Ray's Comments: 1 year ago (edited) [Quick method of formatting all fields]

"Hi mate, if you have want to select all of a forms data keys and card values to change the font size etc, click the form and change the layout from vertical to horizontal or vice versa then click the undo button once, it may look like only the first card is selected but all of them are. Cheers"


Tried this method and was able to set the font size, color for all  fields on form.  Other formulas can be set using the formula bar (i.e, height=40)  This is a little limiting, in that it formats all fields, but is a great start.