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Ability to set default entity for lookup fields

Author Name: Donna Edwards

Please consider adding the ability to designate the default entity for lookup fields like Potential Customer on the Opportunity. We have several implementations where we might use the Account or Contact entity but not both. Additionally, clients might want to require or prefer a particular entity over another and want the lookup field to, at a minimum, default to the desired entity type.

I've had two client requests in the past week alone for this feature.

Thank you,

Status: Planned


Thank you for your feedback. This is a good suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.




Srikumar Nair

PM, Microsoft

Level: Powered On

Still no movement on this?  It does seem to make this kind of feedback facility a bit pointless if it is commended as a great suggestion and then ignored for several years!

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Not only set default entity for regarding lookup, but also be able to set the default view. This does not work for Connections

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This would be very helpful in Connections as the typical relationship is setup to a Contact and not an account.

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Still a desired ability in Dynamics 365

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Please get this added soon!