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Ability to set/update a Datasource field value to Null/Blank

Currently it's not possible to update a datasource field value as blank.

Ideally it should be possible to "reset" a field value where required.


i.e. When a new record is created that has for example a date field, this field is initially blank. If you then update this field with a date value but then wish to reset this value, this isn't currently possible.


This is also true for numeric fields, where it should be possible to write back a blank/null value.


Although it is possible to set a text data field to "", which is simple to test for, this isn't true a blank/null value.


This feature would most benefit numeric and date fields.

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More detailed conditional branching can be set by implementing this function.
Please implement the function.

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This is extremely frustrating.  It is the expected behavior on a form. The user expects the values on the form to be identical in the data source.  I can't tell you how many users ask me why the dates won't delete.

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I'm very surprised this hasn't been implemented yet. My app literally cannot function without this feature (feels silly to call it a feature when it's something so very basically possible in every other programming scenario I'm aware of with other software).

Guess I'll finish the rest of my app and then put it on the shelf until this is implemented.
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Actually if you turn on the most recent experimental features it does work.


I implemented this on my apps.  It works for dates and numbers.  I've not tested anything else.


See details here:

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Hi @Anonymous,


it may be possible now, but it wasn't at the time I posted this article Smiley Very Happy