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Ability to trigger Dataverse Dataflow from Power Automate

Would be very handy to have the ability to trigger Dataverse Dataflow from Power Automate. Sometimes the Dataflow refresh/scheduled run  do not satisfy the requirements and the trigger needs to run based on some business logic such as when a file is uploaded or when an event occurs in the system.


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It will be even better to just expose the API to trigger a dataflow. Then user can trigger it from different places as needed. 


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@EricRegnier I was thinking the exact same thing. Many of us need to integrate data from external sources, which may be available at different times.


Use case example:

Customer sends an Excel file every Monday which must be integrated with our enterprise data. The file is dropped on Sharepoint using Power Automate. Then, a dataflow brings it into Dataverse. Once this process is complete, our employees work on a model-driven app to further process the data (machines *still* can't do everything). They need to get working ASAP, because the response deadlines are short. Problem is, sometimes the customer sends the file at 9am, sometimes at 11am, sometimes at 2pm... 


It would be great if I could use Power Automate to drop the file in Sharepoint, and then automatically start the dataflow JIT (as an action connector). 


I will be submitting another idea stating that completion of the dataflow should also be a trigger in PowerAutomate (we are loading lots of data, the dataflow runs for a couple hours). So once the dataflow is complete, a trigger could be activated to send a "Get to work!" e-mail to the team.

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This is now available in public preview!


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