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Ability to update hidden or locked fields within the workflow editor

Author Name: Christopher Smith

Currently, when you are using the workflow editor, and wish to update a locked field, you have to modify the form to unlock the field, publish the form, apply the update in the workflow editor, return to the form to lock the field, and then publish the form. If I am building a workflow, I should be able to update any field I wish, regardless of it being locked. There are many business scenarios when the workflow populates a value that we do not wish the user to update directly.

The same scenario applies to hidden tabs, sections or forms on the forms. The workflow edit should ignore that the field is hidden when the form is displayed within the tool. We have to go through the same process as a locked field, and it is very, very tedious.

Status: New
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Status changed to: New
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You probably want to vote for this much older, and much-voted-for suggestion for the same thing: You should also take a look at the comments and workarounds on that item, such as using a second form (rather than keep changing your main form).