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Ability to view Dynamics CRM as another user's security role

Author Name: Aaron Back

This is an enhancement for CRM Online (and On-Premise), but there is no option for this in the Product Version drop-down list.

The enhancement request is for CRM Administrators/Developers to have the ability to view the entire CRM site as another user's role. Often times we are building out Security Roles, Business Units, Forms, etc. and need to ensure the end user is seeing, accessing, and function as intended for their work and role.

The enhancement would have a "View As" option for Admins/Developers and then and option to pick a Security Role (or a combination of Roles). Once these are selected, then a "Start Viewing" option to start the session. This will allow us to "play" that person's role, navigate, run reports, create Views, lookup records, etc. as the person. The limitation I would see is the ability to Create, Update, or Delete (CRUD) records. This should be left to the person needing to perform their tasks.

Status: Planned


Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.




Srikumar Nair 

PM, Microsoft 






Regular Visitor

To allow for auditing, it could use the "on-behalf-of"  created by and modified by fields so that we can track who actually made the changes and who they were logged in as. 

New Member

Yes this would be great, and if i recall this was a feature in CRM 1.0 back in 2004 that was eliminated along the way. 

Helper I

Is this planned? This was over a year ago and not been actioned. Is there a roadmap section that refers to this and a timeline?