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Able to change coordinate reference of each item in Canvas

Each item in Canvas the reference of its X-coordinate and Y-coordinate is at the TOP LEFT CORNER.


User can select where is reference point of each item with respect to the Canvas. The reference point can be :

  • Top left corner
  • Top right corner
  • Bottom left corner
  • Bottom right corner
  • Center


  • Now

Let say a Circle1, if I want to put this Circle1 in the center of app along the X-axis. I write in the X property of Circle1 as-

X= (Max(App.Width,App.Designwidth)/2)-(Circle1.Width/2).

  • Idea

I can choose reference of Circle1 is at center. Hence, I can put Circle1 in the center  app of X-axis as-


Hint- Remember how we can dynamically position an item inside Adobe Flash..?

Status: New