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About Obtaining Detailed User Activity Logs

When performing audits, the currently implemented audit log activity is insufficient for acquired items.
For example
・ Add / edit / delete to data source
・ Press the button
・ Display of page

I would like to implement a feature that allows the administrator to check the log of detailed work by the user.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

Is the idea for the administrator to monitor the developer of the app, or the user of the app?


I'd say versioning covers off the deletion of stuff when editing the form (developer).  and the other stuff you could implement by creating your own log in SharePoint/etc (end user).  This way you could specifically log the button clicks that are important to you based on your requirements instead of logging every button on every page (sounds like overkill).

Level: Powered On

This should be like a default function of powerapps. While powerapps is meant to have less code inside. 

statement should be 


Log(datasource, columnName, info1,info2,info3) or Log(datasource,collection)


info should be some variable or component property.

columnName where to insert data.

datasource where to insert data.