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About Registration of fax number(Office365Outlook.ContactPostItemV2 function in Power Apps

In Outlook "Contacts", you can register Business Fax and Home Fax details if you do so manually, but if you use the Office365Outlook.ContactPostItemV2 function in Power Apps, you cannot register these items.

Please allow us to register Business Fax and Home Fax details using Office365Outlook.ContactPostItemV2.


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We also need that too.

We want to create individual contact information from a SharePoint list in Outlook. It has noticed another problem, the MSDN Syntax documentation does not match what the PowerApp uses!

That's very bad, especially when you are beginner.

The frustration factor is thus high.


MSDN Document:

Savedata (source, destination) In the app, the syntax is with; to indicate: Savedata (Source; Target) -> ; = (

Also for the function:

Table({Value: ThisItem.Telefon_weitere_Nummer});
companyName: ThisItem.Firma1;
BusinessTelephoneNumber: Table({Value: ThisItem.Telefon_gesch_1});