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About the implementation of the unsubscribe function for over-capacity e-mails

I have received the following email.
The screenshot is in Japanese, but the content is about Dataverse exceeding capacity.

Since I only use the Power Platform plan included in Office 365, I do not want to receive such emails in the future.

For those who only use the Power Platform products with Office 365, I don't think this email is necessary, so please consider implementing a function that allows us to choose whether or not to receive it as soon as possible.

Thank you,

<the content of the email>

Database is running out of space

As of April 12, 2021 0:00:26 UTC, your tenant is using 100% of the available storage capacity of the Database (3.55GB/0MB used). Please take immediate action and continue to operate without interruption.

What happened?
Your tenant is using nearly all of your Microsoft Dataverse (formerly Common Data Service) capacity. Dataverse storage for tenants includes all types of environments except trial, preview, support, and developer. The most common cause of capacity loss is applications using the increased amount of storage. Find out more about what happens when you exceed your storage capacity.

How do I fix it?
Review the report on storage space usage. Reduce the amount of storage space you use by deleting or erasing different types of information. Find out how to add capacity and purchase it for your organization.

Find out where storage is being used throughout your environment.



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strongly agree
New Member
This e-mail is very dangerous to users because it says "Please respond promptly and continue operation without interruption".
This required contacting support, which took time.
I'm angry because I realized that it is not necessary to take immediate action depending on the usage situation 😡
Please change it to something a little easier to understand! right now! 😡🌋
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I'm all for this idea because this email is really getting me in trouble.
What's even worse is I can't stop this email without purchasing a standalone license.
I hope you implement the feature soon!


I strongly agree with this content.