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Access Azure AD Custom Extension Attributes in MS Flow

Hi all,


I would like to propose enabling the Azure AD Connector (or another connector) to access the Azure AD custom extension attributes for both reading from and writing to.


In our organization we use these attributes for identifying e.g. the business for which a user works, the site code where the user is located, or for the license type assigned to the user.


By using these attributes we are better able to manage our organizational requirements and provide reports based on these values and Flow is just one piece of Office 365 where we could take advantage of these attributes.


Thank you.





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Is this working?


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Yes, you can now use the "Invoke an HTTP request" action and request the "onPremisesExtensionAttributes" using the Graph API. You then need to "parse JSON" using the output of the request as the "Content" to be parsed. Ensure you always add "null" to the "type", otherwise you will get errors when attributes are empty:

HTTP Request for User Extension AttributesHTTP Request for User Extension Attributes


Hope this helps 🙂

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But unfortunatly you need a P1 for your users to use this HTTP request 😞
Microsoft must provide a way to access these custom extensions cause some customers are already paying an AAD P2 licence to get these extentions but can NOT use them from PowerPlatform without a P1 licence and a custom connector.
Using Azure.AD connector is the right way without additionnal costs but you can NOT access these custom extension attributes. 

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i totally agree with @ngeorgeault !  I am also stuck due to HTTP request is premium tier for my environment.

Frequent Visitor That works with the O365 connector but doesn't get custom attributes, just the ExtensionAttributes 1-11