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Access Mobile device information in Canvas app

We should be able to access mobile/phone device hardware information and sensor values. 

Information to access:

  1. MAC Address
  2. Light Sensor value (using mobile device light sensor)
  3. Sound wave detection (using mobile device mic sensor)
  4. Temperature/Humidity (if temperature sensor is available)

I have asked similar question on forum at:

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Seems pretty fundamental for apps running on mobile devices.

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I really need to capture type of device or/and any device info I can get.

I am developing canvas apps and more often than not we have to diagnose some timing issues. It would be great to be able to capture and send log entry back to SharePoint containing device type, device name, manufacturer, signal strength info, connection type (wifi / cell) and such. And no - analytics won't do, as I need to write down some time differences (i.e. screen load time, and such).

We have some employees work in areas with poor coverage and with not so powerful CPU's, and need to optimize for their best experience.


If I can get some simple device type info (to differentiate which is which) for a good start - that would be something.

Helper I

I have an BlackView Android phone with a FILR infra red camera. It woudl be great to be able to use devices this in power apps too.