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Access to the new maker experience for users in child business units

At the moment users that not in the root business unit of a CDS instanse cannot gain access to the environment in the modern maker experience ( They still can customize the system using the "classic" experience if assigned the system customizer role


The access to new experience requires the "Environment maker" role AND user to be in the root business unit of an organization.


The use case I am after is to grant specific user privileges to make customizations without changin users read/right priviledges. Changin business unit would do that. I understand that the Environment maker role is not correct role for that since it is not desiged for this kind of limited customization experience.


Therefore the idea I am proposing is to have new user role(s) which could be used to grant access to the new developer experience without moving them to the root business unit. It would be nice if this role could then be linked to a solution to give a "limited developer possibilities" so the user could only customize the objects allready part of the solution.



Status: New