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Accessing User Profile Picture.

It would be good if we could access User Profile Picture also through Office 365 Users connection just like User().Image.

Status: Started
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This isn't working for me and it is also listed under several community posts. User().Image doesn't seem to show my user image. I have a Office 365 image and it doesn't show up in my PowerApps, or Flow pages online either - it seems some of the products maybe aren't getting the image somehow. Please fix.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @archanan to confirm status pls.

Advocate II

Any update on it yet?


Are you doing anything about it?





Power Apps

This fix should be in the 620 release.

Advocate II

Thanks Andy.. when is that getting released?

Power Apps

I'm just an Engineer - I saw the fix go in, and I know which release that maps to. I don't do scheduling 🙂

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cool! Thanks mate.. it's in the fix, that's what matters to me. My app will look more personal to the users of my company!


Thanks 🙂 

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Status changed to: Started
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Any news since March ? Do you have a release date ?


I've got my answer : Office365Users.UserPhoto (string userId)


Office365Users.UserPhoto (string userId) works fine, but if you have already collected the user profile, then you need another query where i would expect User().Image to be faster.Unfortunatly, this does not work yet.