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Accessing User Profile Picture.

It would be good if we could access User Profile Picture also through Office 365 Users connection just like User().Image.

Status: Started
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This isn't working for me and it is also listed under several community posts. User().Image doesn't seem to show my user image. I have a Office 365 image and it doesn't show up in my PowerApps, or Flow pages online either - it seems some of the products maybe aren't getting the image somehow. Please fix.

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @archanan to confirm status pls.

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Any update on it yet?


Are you doing anything about it?





Power Apps Staff

This fix should be in the 620 release.

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Thanks Andy.. when is that getting released?

Power Apps Staff

I'm just an Engineer - I saw the fix go in, and I know which release that maps to. I don't do scheduling 🙂

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cool! Thanks mate.. it's in the fix, that's what matters to me. My app will look more personal to the users of my company!


Thanks 🙂 

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Started
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Any news since March ? Do you have a release date ?


I've got my answer : Office365Users.UserPhoto (string userId)

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Office365Users.UserPhoto (string userId) works fine, but if you have already collected the user profile, then you need another query where i would expect User().Image to be faster.Unfortunatly, this does not work yet.