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Actions on Components

It would be advantageous to have Actions on Components.  At the very least an OnSelect action.  At the best, the ability to create custom actions in your component.

A common example is the "menu" component - the ability to raise an Action when a menu item is selected to be acted upon in the App would be helpful.


Current workaround - use a Toggle and create formulas based on conditions around the component. Although this adds more dependency in the hosting app - which is what the component was intended to remove.

Status: Started

The behavior property which triggers when resetting the component has been worked on. And more custom ways to add behavior property has also been planned. 

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I should also like to see some of the more common enums for Controls available for Components - in particular

  • Font Weight
  • Vertical Alignment
  • Horizontal Alignment
  • Icons


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What's the status of this being released?

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Has there been any updates on this?

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Power Apps canvas components can now include behavior properties such as OnSelect & OnChange.  The feature was only announced last week so it's still in experimental status.  However, I've managed to get it working.  You can check out the results in my blog post below.

Link to Article:



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@mdevaney Thank you for the additional info and link to your tutorial.  I did see the announcement after I posted this, but haven't had time to dig in yet.  I definitely think your article will be helpful in understanding this new and needed feature.  I appreciate all you do for this amazing community!