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Activity records displayed on multiple timelines for custom entities

Hi there,

So I have already asked a question about this subject (see: Activity records displayed on multiple timelines), but basically, I have a case where we need to add reminders to a project, but we want these reminders to be visible not only on the timeline of that project but also on the timeline of the Company and the Contact Person this might even expand to entities like quotes, invoices, orders, deliveries, inventory items, etc.

It seems that at the moment it isn't possible to add custom activities to multiple timelines at once and on different entities. So that 1 reminder could be viewed on a project, but also at the company and the contact person of that project. Which raises the question of why would someone even bother making it an activity if you can't display it on multiple timelines at once?

I mean If you receive an email from someone from a certain company about your project wouldn't it be logical if you could see that at the project, company and the contact person? Otherwise, information that belongs to these groups would be scattered around which isn't ideal or efficient at all since you would need to search at different locations to find your actual information.

If it was implemented it might even increase data integrity since you are able to maintain your activities on different entities, it's easier to access your information, to see for your project which steps you have taken and that information can contribute to other entities, so you can see all communications with companies or contact persons this way the data will be more accurate.

I really hope that this will be implemented since I need to be able to use this, so I can add reminders to multiple timelines.

Thanks in Advance,

Billy Cottrell

Status: New