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Add Auto Post Filter Option to hide Auto-Posts where I am mentioned

Auto Posts are a great way to follow accounts and keep up with certain accounts to see what is happening . We use the Timeline Control on dashboards for this reason. 



For account managers though, the most important information is what others are doing with their accounts (the ones they follow). They don't need to know that they themselves created a new opportunity or that they just minutes ago resolved a case themselves. What they do need to see is that somebody else created an opportunity for the account or that somebody else created a new case for their account. Currently they lose sight of this in the sea of auto-posts created by their own activities. 



In the Timeline Filter section under Posts add two filters that are enabled per default:

  • Auto-Posts where I am mentioned
  • Auto-Posts of records I follow


The user then has the option to uncheck Auto-Posts where I am mentioned which would hide all posts where the user is mentioned, EVEN IF the auto post is on a record they follow. This would then allow the account manager to see only actions performed by other team members at the accounts that he/she follows. 





Status: New