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Add Enable/Disable to Edit Form

I wish you add a little command to Enable/Disable the Edit Form so it becomes in Edit mode only when I mean to, not always. This will indeed help eliminate unintended errors while scrolling down a gallery.

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The Edit form can be switched into Form Mode View by calling the ViewForm(myFormName) function. To go back in the other direction call the EditForm(myFormName) function. Unfortunaltely there doesnt seem to be a DisableForm(myFormName) function which is a real pain sometimes.

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The trick I use (since I have some users filling up the form and by mistake filling template and then editing/destroying the original form) is to create the form only for me (not in Group) and then share the link, which does not allow the users to modify the template, only fill the fields

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I want Edit button Enabled only for the user who created the record