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Add Figma Component easily into PowerApp as custom Component with all Figma capabilities (layers and transitions)

Our design team and UX designers are mostly familiar with Figma to design component for an App. However, our Dev team would like to use Power App to develop the app in the cloud.. Given current features in PowerApp, there is no easy way to import already built Figma components into PowerApp for the dev to add functionality to the component.. Please create a plug and play solution to add Figma components/layers (third party components) into PowerApp easily.. Given this new feature in PowerApp (Figma component import), our design and dev team can work together within PowerApp environment, without replicating the elements of an already built components, which would speed up the App building process in PowerApp by a lot... Thanks,

Status: New
New Member

En la organización que trabajo tambien utilizamos herramientas para el diseño ux ui  como Figmapero hemos logrado conectar componentes PowerApp con Figma, realmente me gustaría saber si hay alguna manera?? para que el equipo de desarrollador agregue funcionalidad al componente.