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Add Image into a button

Important feature

This is another thing which was suggested long time ago. We need to have a button with ability to insert a picture. Very important for many uses. Mixing label with a picture or button with a picture to achieve this is just ridicules 

Status: New
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Any plans to ship this future?

Advocate I

This would be great. I find myself using silly workarounds for this.


- Transparent button to catch the hover

- Image underneath

- Another button underneath to get a background

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one workaround would be to copy the OnSelect   Fx of a actual button and paste it to a picture, then it should work as a button almost.

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Seems like a lot more work for something that should ideally be achieved with either inserting an image to a button or adding button properties to an image. 

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This would be useful - especially for adding an icon to a button. Current workaround for me is a transparent button with an icon and shape underneath, but this doesn't allow for hover fill etc. You can position an icon on top of the button but that results in a dead spot where the icon is that doesn't trigger a hover effect.

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Currently trying to find a workaround for the hoverfill dead spot that Digital mentioned. anyone got any ideas?

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I know it's been 9 months since the last reply but I stumbled across this as I had the same issue.


Here's what I've done in case it might be useful to anyone.


Make the hoverfill colour partially transparent by changing the Alpha value of the RGBA value.

e.g. I used the following: HoverFill = ColorFade(RGBA(0, 183, 182, 0.5), -50%)


This means when I hover over the button, it fills the button with colour but you can still see the icon underneath. This works well for plain white icons as the colour just washes over the top and looks pretty good, but not sure if suitable for what you guys need.

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Has anyone heard anything from MS about doing this & making it simple for us all?


This feature is important... Please add it.. Thanks,

Advocate I

Would love to see an icon or image property added to the button to allow for images/ svgs / or the built in icons to account for accessibility and usability requirements.