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Add Max Height to controls with AutoHeight

I love having autoheight labels, but I find that the absence of a max height property makes it challenging to use the autoheight feature. For example, I have a Flex Height gallery and have a label inside that is set to autoheight. This works quite well until I get a text value on a form that is MUCH larger than anticipated (e.g., 10 sentences rather than just 2). As it stands, there is no easy way to prevent the autoheight control from increasing its height to a ridiculous value to accommodate the text.


If we had a max height feature, we could restrict its growth so it doesn't break the UI but still expands when possible.

Status: New
Memorable Member

I do see the potential benefits of this feature being built in so  i have upvoted it. however it is possible to do with If logic I have done it myself it would just save time to have a built in feature.