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Add Office 365 graph API



I think it would be very usefull to have access to the office 365 graph API.

It would natively allow for groups classification based on some metadata that would be stored in MCDM.

For instance we have groups per organisational team, per project team, per client, and in same case, a team has 2 groups (one public and one private). Building an app to help people to identify the group they are looking for requires access to groups API which is included in the graph API.

Status: Planned

@SameerCh to follow up on this.

Super User
Super User

@SameerCh , @archanan 

This has been Planned for more than 3 years. Any updates? A first class experience to Graph API will open endless possibilities in PowerApps. Doing this with a Custom Connector can be quiet complicated and difficult to maintain. Please give some updates on this important feature.