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Add Stand Alone Function to PowerApps

 Would It be possible to add the functionality off a stand alone function (so apart from a screen/control)  to PowerApps.


The idea is to be able to use this stand alone function in a formula to validate or calculate. Example:

1) If(ValidateForm(parameter1, parameter2, parameter3), do something 1, do something 2) 


In this case the ValidateForm is the stand alone function which returns a boolean.


2) CalculateNumber * 10


In this case the CalculateNumber is the stand alone function which returns a integer.


Reason: a stand alone function can reduce the length off a formula by many lines and a stand alone function could be reused on several screens.

Status: New
Advocate I
Advocate I

in the mean time, you can try to use Azure Functons with custom connector.

Resident Rockstar

He aow, sorry for my late respons, but just thinking off this. Can you lead me to an example/blog/youtube video on how to use/do this?