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Add a confirmation icon / checkmark / user retroaction to confirm field changes, instead of having to click away

Hello there, first time user here.



  • I found it really unusual at a glance to have to click away from fields for them to update / auto save.
  • Not getting a retroaction that the changes have saved / design have refreshed is a missed opportunity.
  • Clicking away can also be done by mistake which could confirm a change that was not intended to happen.



  • Instead, it would be more natural to either get a little checkmark on the side of the field that we could click on to confirm the changes / when ever the enter key is pressed it would also confirm the change.
  • Also anytime a change is done / confirmed that way, instead of clicking away for the design to refresh, it could just refresh right away after hitting enter or clicking the checkmark. 


Clicking away to confirm a change and to refresh the design is not what we would normally expect from good application designs.


Thank you for your consideration!

Status: New