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Add a datagrid control in Power Apps

I would like to input data in an Excel like grid control like the one below. Note that this is not a pivot table because there is only one record at the intersection of a production type and a month (it's a matrix).


It would be nice if users could copy paste the values from Excel sometime.

No control exists in Power Apps to input data in this way. The above grid is an example. In my apps I have more than 12 months and more than 2 Production type. The row name and column name have to be generated based on two different lists (Month list and Production Type list)

The final table, where I write data at the end is a normal database table with a primary composite key on [Day] and [ProductionType]. You can see this three-column table below. The three columns are [Month], [ProductionType] and [Production].





Status: New