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Add a $select ODATA query option for appropriate CDS 2.0 connector query actions

Hey Everyone,


Since the attribute selector automatically formats the underlying return values with null conditionals, it would be useful to add a Select ODATA query option similar to how you have a $filter option as it can allow a drastic reduction in the return size/values and I can more easily work with just the information I need.


Two use cases that apply to me atm:

A) working on 3-4 attributes per record that has 150 attributes.


B) I am querying the "imports" Entity by ID in order to determine when an import has been completed.  When checking this record every 1 min, it returns the imported CSV file along with the Import metadata..making a simple 'status reason' attribute check require downloading a multi-megabyte string, which is unecessary for both me and your servers.

Adding this option would also better align with dynamic's Web API capabilities (which, Im guessing, the CDS 2.0 connector is utilizing).

Status: New
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