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Add a text highlighting and note-taking feature similar to Word comments

It would be wonderful if app makers could give end users reading text in an app the option to select and highlight text in the app or even add a custom note to a specific selection of text like users can do on the Kindle, Nook, and in O365 apps such as Word.


In terms of use-cases, there are many. In my context, I work for an international training organization; these features would be invaluable for training scenarios where users either want to mark up the documentation they are reading or take notes as they follow with a trainer.

Another use-case would be apps developed by ISVs where the developer wanted to give users the ability to store their thoughts on content shared in the app and have those notes stored and surfaced throughout the app. Power Apps mimicking tools like Pocket, Guru, Kindle, and other such platforms come to mind.

Status: New