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Add ability to configure DLP for custom connectors

We have configued DLP for our environment. There is no ability right now to add a custom connector into the Business data section under DLP. So I cannot use some data connections together. Please add the provision to add custom connectors into Business data section.

Status: New
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This is definitely needed.  Any custom connector we do is going to be mainly for business data.  I've got several sharepoint solutions that dont work "out of the box" due to thinks like threshold limits and number of lookup columns.  So super disappointed to finally "figure out" custom connectors only to not be able to use them  😞

New Member

Thanks for the suggestions. Can you expand a little more on how you expect the custom connectors to work with DLP. 

Should it be that any data that's sent back by a 'certified custom connector' (put into the biz data section), be allowed to do whatever it wants to do?