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Add canvas app into portal app

It would be great to have canvas app into a portal app (to share it with external users). So that, we can have custom filters, forms with several rules and so on. Currently, there are some restrictions in using entity views and forms when bring it into portal app.

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You can do it right now as well, just place an iFrame and embade PowerApps in Power Portal.

Since Power Portal can be exposed to external users and PowerApps are lisenced, it would be very difficult to merge in a single app. 

In near future there will be no category when creating powerapps, MS will just give one option for canvas, portal, model-driven. That will solve the issue.

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I have used iframe, it worked internally but not externally. Iframe area is blank when I tried to open the portal app outside my org. I think this is due to the canvas app security limitation to external users. 

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yes this is exactly I was pointing. Logically speaking, since PowerApps are not exposed to external users, hence this idea will be hard to implement for MS. 

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Waiting for the day where we have only one app type and external users working with power apps! Thanks a lot for quick assistance! Smiley Happy

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The form capabilities within CDS pales into insignificance when compared to the form/gallery capabilities in canvas. Please, please, please can we have the ability to embed (without authentication) a canvas app into a portal so that non-authenticated users can get the full capabilities of canvas power apps?