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Add connections to PowerApps and Flow from within a List or Library in the Government Community Cloud

The PowerApps and Flow buttons are not currently available from a SharePoint list in the Government Community Cloud. It is available by going to the URL for PowerApps however the app that is created is not dynamically created with the SharePoint list meaning it has a user needs access to both the SharePoint list and the PowerApps app. We have many InfoPath forms that would need to be converted to PowerApps however we can't manage two sets of permissions for this many custom forms. This is needed to push adoption of both PowerApps and Flow in the GCC before InfoPath reaches its end of life.

Status: New
New Member

100% agree on this. It seems unfair that when we finally get access to “new” applications in 365, most of the features are unavailable. To make matters worse we don’t even get anticipated release dates or update on which features are being worked on. 

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Yes I agree, we saw so many awesome features at Ignite 2019 and we can't use them in the Gov . tenant. 

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Yes, totally agree with schmidtj and rniehaus79. 

We pay good money and Microsoft wants us to use their products, yet the best parts aren't even available.

This may explain why all the gov't agencies in my state are going with Google. We are the only agency with O365. HMMM 

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I realize that GCC High has its security merits but it is getting kind of hard to keep covering for the limitations that come with it. This is especially true for environments where users have regular O365 and know about the features only to be let down that they are not available in GCC High.

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Yes we are actually looking at Nintex since we cannot provide the solutions are user request with the Power Platform. Slowly some features are being released...