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Add multiple attachments in the PowerApps attachment control

I would like to be able to select multiple attachments when adding them to the attachment control. I believe that this is not yet possible (i.e. you can add only one attachment at a time when you click the "Attach file" button).

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I would also like this functionality.  I was a bit surprised to not be able to select multiple attachments in the open file dialog box.


Currently we are attaching photos to Sharepoint List. I would use the camera control directly but we are also limited to 640x480.


Since we are also using a Win 10 Tablet we don't get the option to take photo. We have to take the photos outside the app and then attach them one at a time.

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From what I can see this is only possible if you use modern experience default form.


Otherwise, it's a pain being able to only select one attachment at a time.

Resolver I

Please add this functionality . From a user perspective this is a big pain. MS please revisit this ask