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Add option to make controls/properties immutable, in particular preventing "automatic" re-configuration by PowerApps itself

Please be so kind as to read my full post before responding.
Thank you for your consideration.

When editing PowerApps, I have sometimes come across the issue, that my configuration of properties of some controls gets automatically changed/overwritten upon something (I don't know what) happening when saving/reloading the PowerApp, refresh/change of a DataSource, introducing Error in OnStart, automatic "optimization"...

In one PowerApp, the SearchField property of one ComboBox gets overwritten by nonsense, every single time I load the PowerApp for editing.
For automatic ComboBox re-configuration see also:

This is highly annoying.
I don't understand at all, why automatically overwriting user/developer configuration without confirmation by the user/developer is a feature of PowerApps.

Please add an option to disable "automatic re-configuration/optimization" by PowerApps, or maybe easier, make immutable or lock properties of controls.

Status: New