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Add optional parameter for separator string to Concat and Concatenate functions

It would be useful to have an additional optional parameter to the Concat and Concatenate functions for a separator string.  This string would be placed between all concatenated strings and not at the end.

For example Concat(MyTable, MyCustomers, ", ")

I am not sure how this could work for Concatenate, but you (Microsoft) made it work in the Power Query M language (Text.Combine).


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This would be incredibly useful.


My current workaround for it is to just use the Left()Len(), and Concat() together. It goes like this:

    Concat( DataSource, Expression ),
    Len( Concat( DataSource, Expression ) - Number )

It doesn't look nice and it can be very restrictive at times.


@CWesener@linhtran@AndyPennell@Audrie-MSFT@audrieg -- I'm just randomly tagging devs to catch your attention. So, feedback about the idea? This seems to be simple enough.

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Adding @GregLi our PM in this area.

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yes! i'm stuggling with this issue right now.


this suggestion would be awesome

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I am having this same issue and would like to have a solution to it other than trying to trim the last comma off the string.

currently the solution i have is.

            ", " & Name & " " & Quantity

It removes the first 2 chara from the string which is comma and space.