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Add our own icons

PowerApps brings some icons, it could be interesting to add our own icons and let them appear on the menu

Status: Under Review
Level: Powered On

+1 for that


Level: Powered On

+1 for Fabric icons

Would be awesome if there was a select Icons interface that allowed you to select a subset of Fabric Icons to be avaiable to an APP

Level: Powered On

whats the status guys? @sriniD pretty old idea

Level: Powered On

Please, let us add UI Fabric icons to our apps. This would save a lot of time and space inside our apps.

Level: Powered On

While this is not here yet,

I tried to add a PNG-picture and put an invisible button in front...
You can do some things, but it's difficult to switch the color of the image itself.


So yeah, I'd like to be able to import custom icons.