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Add picture name

Using add picture control we need to capture/retrieve the added picture name. 

Status: Under Review

Adding @FilipK to track this request.

Level 8

The filename is visible in the tooltiop when hovering over, just can't seem to get access to a property to read it.

Level 8

Let me also add that we are using this to upload Excel files to be imported into SQL, without knowing the filename that was selected, we are unable to determine iof thgis file has been previously uploaded without actually looking into the content. 

Please refer to a more general file upload idea - please vote up.

Also, a bug related to uploading the same file even after clearing the Mieda content.


Power Apps Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @FilipK to track this request.

Level: Powered On

You can get the filename from AddMediaButton1.FileName.