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Add support for ILMerge

Author Name: Tum Tum

Currently the Dynamics CRM product does not support the use of ILMerge. This limits the development of plug-ins where you want to use external libraries to extend your business logic. As there are no other alternatives to add external libraries into Dynamics CRM, developers are not able to use the logic of external libraries in a supported way, unless they use ILMerge.
Numerous times we receive the error message "Unable to load plug-in assembly" when importing solutions or updating our plug-in assembly with the plug-in registration tool. As this is an intermittent error, most of the times we are able to upload our plug-in, but once in a while we receive this error. According to Microsoft support, the issue lays within the use of ILMerge. To quote MS Support: "Once the use of ILMerge was never been tested by us and once it’s precisely the point of contact between you and other affected customers, we believe that ILMerge is the cause of the intermittent behaviour."

Therefore we would like ILMerge to be natively supported by the Dynamics CRM product!

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We have no issues registering ilmerged plugins. Are you sure you are merging them correctly? Check your ilmerge command line args.
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My apologies for the late response, I was enjoying my holiday. Most of the times we do not encounter any problems registering ilmerged plugins, but every now and then we receive the 'unable to load plugin assembly' for several minutes when registering the plugins. Miraculously the error disappears after several minutes when registering the same ilmerged plugin (!?!). We have seen this already on various CRM Online environments. So how is it then possible that most of the times it is possible to register the plugin, but sometimes we receive an error, which then again disappears after a while/minutes thereafter being able to register the plugin.
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I would not recommend using ILMerge and external libraries, it's better to push "processing" externally by means of a trigger/event toward the an Azure Event Hub or Service Bus and then leverage your code on an Azure Web App (Job).