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Add the Networkdays() function to count working days between two dates

Please add the Networkdays function in a similar way to the Excel function that calculates the working days between two dates.

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Networkdays(), Days(), and similar date functions.  I need this to be able to assess late delivery, and other auditing type of filtering.

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This function should be added directly in the Dataverse calculated fields. Here is a very common use case:

- Must return the estimated delivery date for an order.

- Calculation to be applied: "Ship Date" column in Dataverse + "Shipping Days" column in Dataverse.

- Current formula to use: ADDDAYS (whole number, date and time)


The problem of course is that if the Ship Date is on a Friday, and the Shipping Days is equal to 2, the ADDDAYS formula will return a Sunday, whereas in many cases deliveries are not available on weekends.


Another typical business use case would be to calculate an estimated ship date based on an order date + estimated lead time (provided in working days). 

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Well, after four years it seems that nobody need date calculation functions like Excel's Networkdays.

Only 25 votes! 😞


I have tried some workarounds like Excluding weekends and holidays in date differences in PowerApps but it has a major bug when start/end date fall on weekend.


It should be definitely added to Power Apps Fx Functions.