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Add the ability to run formula when a user clicks enter/return on the keyboard, or the ability to save/submit a form when a user clicks return

There is currently no way to trigger an action when a user clicks the return or enter keys on the keyboard.


A use case scenario for this is where we want to add the ability to save or to submit a form when a user presses enter, following the entry of text in a text input control. This is the behaviour that many users expect, and it would simplify the process of data entry.


Futhermore, there is an accessibility reason for adding such a feature. For visually impaired users that rely on screen readers, a natural way to navigate data entry screens is to use the enter/tab/escape keys.

The inability to save/trigger an action when a user clicks enter/return makes it more difficult for those users, particularly as those users cannot easily rely on a mouse or to see the screen cursor.

My idea is to add a property called OnKeypressEnter to the text input control. The formula we assign to this property will run when the user presses the enter key. To submit a form when a user clicks enter, we would add the formula SubmitForm(Form1) to the OnKeypressEnter property of the text input control.


Another useful feature would be the addition of an OnKeypressEscape property at the screen level. The formula that we assign to this property will run when the user clicks the escape key. We could use this to trigger the action of a 'cancel' button when a user presses escape on the keyboard.

A use case scenario is as follows. A typical practice is to show modal or popup dialogs by setting a variable that controls the visibility of controls. By assigning formula to the OnKeypressEscape that sets the variable to false, we can add the ability for users to dismiss the dialog by clicking the escape key.


I think that these 2 enhancements will make it much easier for keyboard users. Thanks for your consideration.

Status: New
Advocate I

Yes I would also like this please! It's a very natural user expectation and I can't really satisfy it with current features.

Advocate II

Yes, please. The current workaround is not very practical.

Frequent Visitor

I agree. It is so common to hear complaints about this from my users. Please add this.

Regular Visitor

I just learned that SetFocus does this. I have an app that's primarily used for keeping track of a count, so hitting the button increases the count by one, then sets the focus back to the button, they can just hit enter all day.
I read somewhere else when seeking this function while filling a form, limiting the field entry to a single line of text can help you along your way to using the enter key.