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Add the ability to sell, rent or give away in the in the iOS, Mac, Google, Windows, Office App Store

One of the problems with Microsoft's alternative development tools has been lack of commercialization options. If you want this to me more than a toy business people to create internal apps.

Status: Declined

This limitation is by design. However, options for building and selling solutions using the Business Application Platform and/or PowerApps is definitely something you could consider within the framework of the "AppSource" marketplace.


Please review information and details regarding AppSource here: and


We will continue to publish clarifications on this topic over time so that this opportunity is not lost.


Thank you for your continued feedback and suggestions,



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A few things are stopping you from doing this. A marketplace where you can sell these apps is the primary thing stopping that behavior. You can be a consultant today and perform this activity. It's an ok thought process if your goal is to create an app that only works within the context of the 0365 environment. Thats not really the request. Low-code no-code is great, you can build apps fast, but you don't always want to be in the context of that persons 0365 environment, I want to sell an app on the app stores, Android/iOS/Steam/Windows store. Without working with a specific company to deploy to their environment. I want to sell the app not allow someone to have full control over the app to change as they need. If you zip and give it away, they can then change that app as they see fit and make it work for them. It's also a good idea but not the intent here.

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Hello @PowerAppsGuy-TT,

is there any terms and conditions on this topic? 

Actually I am searching for a source which officially allows a service provider to build a Power Platform solution and deploy it to the customers tenant.

Of course as a service provider we could directly implement the solution in the customers tenant and not sell "the Power App", but sell the time we were hired for to create/install the solution in the customers tenant.

I assume that this kind of service is legal? 
And of course Microsoft earns money because the installed/created solution in the M365 tenant will afford user licenses, right? 

So is there any source that is forbidding the "service" I described above?

With regards,


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Hey Powercorner,

I don't speak for Microsoft.

I also don't believe it's against any kind of rules or TOS. You can hire any kind of subcontractor you desire. The workstream could be anywhere from they give you the app to deploy all the way to you could then allow them access to your Tenant to assist with deployments.