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Add to grouped items in Tree View

When using the left panel (tree view), I want to be able to add a new element to an existing group of elements.  Grouping elements helps to keep the view and the work organized, but when adding a new element to an existing group, I have to ungroup, regroup, rename, and possible reorder the group.

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Level 10

Hi @Aaronk21234,

You can already achieve this today by just selecting (on the left pane) one of the controls inside the group (or the group itself) and add a new control. It will place the new control inside that group.

But be aware that some controls cannot be grouped, like: data tables, forms, ...

What type of controls were you trying to group ?


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I'm not experiencing the behaviour you described.  I select an established group, then select Insert-->Label.  The new label is created under the Screen, not under the selected Group.


Note, this is different than adding items to a Form's data card or a Gallery.  When I select a specific data card and insert a control, I get the behavior you describe (new control inserted under the data card).  The same is true for inserting a control into an index.  

Level 10

Hi @Aaronk21234,

Have you activated the Enhanced Group Experience in your app parameters ?