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Add to the Properties Pane a section for showing Dependents

In Excel, there is a handy capability under the Formulas tab to view a cells dependents and precedents (cells that it feeds into). This allows you to effectively see what all is relying on the cell you are referencing making you aware of any subsequent changes that could happen if you were to change / delete the cell data.


I think with a little refinement, this would be a great addition to add to the properties pane window in the PowerApp Studio. This could be either to display objects that directly reference the current object.


This feature would be especially valuable for PowerApps that are worked on by multiple developers because then the user could select an object on the screen, and quickly see what it's intwined with. I think the properties pane could be reviewed to see what the object references itself but for it's dependents the section could look roughly like this:



Name of object

Property referencing current object (link)



Example 1 - 

  1. You select a checkbox called showDialogCheckbox.
  2. In the properties pane, you see that there is a Textbox (called dialogText) that has it's visible property referencing the checkbox.
  3. clicking the visible property will then open that properties expression in the formula bar to edit if needed.
Status: New