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Add word wrap to Dropdown control

There's no way (that I've found) to handle text that is longer than visible box  of the dropdown control. It would be helpful to have a wordwrap option for the dropdown to automatically produce variable height options for the dropdown. For example:


[abcdef][V]  <-- dropdown collapsed


[abcdef][V]  <-- dropdown expanded


|abcdefghi|  <-- first option is long, so drops to a second line

|jklmno...  |


|pqrstu...  |  <-- options 2 & 3 are short enough to fit on one line


|vwxyz...  |


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Me Too!

I have a need to have text wrapping in drop down boxes

is it likely to be implemented?



New Member

Much like the other users have commented I have a need for this type of feature and behavior from dropdown lists aswell. When we connect sharepoint lists through PowerApps we often experience line entries having cut off text within the PowerApps cell phone layout which makes entry selection problematic for our users. Being able to rapidly develop a PowerApp for specific sharepoint lists is helpful for us, and this feature not being available extends the developement process for our apps significantly which in turn makes it so we direct users to go to the SharePoint list instead to perform their data entry. This in effect eliminates the usefulness of PowerApps to some extent through our company. 


I respectfully submit that it is in the best interest of PowerApps to have this feature in order to aid in rapid application developement and utilization.  

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This would be absolutely amazing if I could have it. Hope it gets used -this idea-

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Wrapping text to downdown boxes is definitely essential, or have it expand further than the end of the dropdown box is fine too.

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Totally need this...dropdowns are useless without the word wrap

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please get this asap, shouldn't be that difficult!

Helper II

Still Need this in 2020 lol! 

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My drop down has this formula in it:


Concatenate('Job Code', "-", 'Customer Name', " ", 'Job Name')


Sometimes the customer's official name is extremely long and won't fit on a mobile app's vertical layout screen. Not to mention the job name is equally as long. It would be ideal if a 'Word-Wrap' functionality was available or even have it display like a Gallery row that includes its properties on separate lines.





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Could really use this! Can't believe it still not been actioned in last 2 years. Making my apps look pretty bad due to lack of this functionality.