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Add word wrap to Dropdown control

There's no way (that I've found) to handle text that is longer than visible box  of the dropdown control. It would be helpful to have a wordwrap option for the dropdown to automatically produce variable height options for the dropdown. For example:


[abcdef][V]  <-- dropdown collapsed


[abcdef][V]  <-- dropdown expanded


|abcdefghi|  <-- first option is long, so drops to a second line

|jklmno...  |


|pqrstu...  |  <-- options 2 & 3 are short enough to fit on one line


|vwxyz...  |


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Yes it would!  I could use that like... right now. 

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I agree

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I really need this feature as well. Especially for the new ComboBox. Long values make it practically useless.

Community Champion

I need this right now as well. Going to have to use a Gallery instead... I think?

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Agreed.  Can't believe this has been missed out.  M$ really are in struggletown with this product.  Every update they provide breaks other facets of the solution, and there's no real thought going on.  Word wrap is as basic a functionality as bold and italic text??

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I agree. Need this urgently. Can't deploy to users without word wrap.

Helper IV
Helper IV

Any update on word wrap

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I need the word wrap for dropdowns too!

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Still waiting..
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Is this in planning? I need it too!