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Adding Fluid Grid To Forms Control

Good Day PowerApps and Fellow PowerAppers, 

Recently I was playing with new screens and discovered Fluid Grid. I'm in love with the flexibility of the control. However, I've noticed its only available within the scrollable screen. I think Fluid Grid would be a great addition to the Form Controls. 

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Wow ! Just Wow !


This is such a powerful thing. I'm amazed how undocumented this is and that it is not an option in the interface as is...


Anyone tried it in a real project ? Is there a catch ?

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I've used it in a real project. I used the fluid sections to obtain a tabbed sheet effect.

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Well as per the title:

Adding Fluid Grid To Forms Control


HOW DO FIND/ADD ONE???????????????????????

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Create a scrollable screen and the fluid grid will be in there. It contains one or more data cards. 

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Thank taustinct.


How nice Microsoft was to provide info in it (NOT). The only thing I found, other than people glossing over them was your post.



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I had the same problem finding information about it.  Seems to be a well kept secret.  PowerApperAnton did mention scrollable screens but I didn't make the connection until I happened to create a scrollable screen and saw it.  Want to use it to add multiple forms from different data sources on the same scrollable screen, but fluid grid doesn't seem to allow you to add a form to a data card.  Guess I can create forms the old fashioned way by placing controls on data cards inside the fluid grid and then using Patch function to create/update records.  Anyone have other ideas on how to accomplish this?

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Yes you'reprobably better off for now using the old methods. The new one will undoubtedly cause a lot of consternation as does most things they come out with. Why research a deadend?

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FYI, @PowerApperAnton , you can cut the Fluid Grid control from the "Scrollable Screen" and paste it into any other screen you may have.