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Addition of Week Number function in Powerapps

Currently, we don't have any direct way to calculate week number of the particular Date.

It would be better to have a function which displays the weeknumber for example: WeekNum("26-10-2017") = 43 to avoid usage of other source for this information and then retrieving back to Powerapps application.


Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @GregLi

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i'd expect the basic excel formula library to be available in powerapps.

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I support the request of having a Weeknumber function available in PowerApps.

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I looking for a formula thats support this function aswell, weeknum would be rally nice

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Same for me

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No news about this request?

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I can'r beleive this hasn't been addressed yet !!!!


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The only way that I'm able to do it is using a sharepoint list for my tables with a calculated column. This is retuned to me in my collection.

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Thanks nickduxfield  I have managed to get it working using the following formula posted earlier in the thread by using a label and then editing the label by removing the "text" part and replacing it by the following. My week starts on a Monday so you can replace Monday with your choice of start.

If(RoundDown((Today() - Date(Year(Today()), 1, 1) + (Weekday(Date(Year(Today()), 1, 1) - 1, Monday))) / 7, 0) = 0, 52,RoundDown((Today() - Date(Year(Today()), 1, 1) + (Weekday(Date(Year(Today()), 1, 1) - 1, Monday))) / 7, 0))

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Thanks @mickg, If i can get htis working thats one last hurdle I need to cross for now. However, because I work primarly with Sharepoint lists, bringin it back from a sharepoint list is part of my normal routine. It works because I need to bring it in for my collecions any how.

There is almost no way for me to avoid arranging information in Weeks.

I found however, that i needed to have a simple number column of 'Week" to interact with Flow.


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Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @GregLi